Hydroponic Farming Setup

Tips, Information & Secrets on how to set up a successful hydroponic system.
Find out here about how to go about setting up your own commercial or homemade hydroponic farming system..

Homemade Hydroponic System – How To Build A Simple Hydroponic Drip System

hydroponic- drip hydroponic system

How To Build A Simple Homemade Hydroponic Drip System If you just want a simple homemade hydroponic system that you can have somewhere on a balcony in your house or somewhere that will not take up … [Read more...]

Homemade Hydroponic System – How To Build Your Own Hydroponic System

This video shows you a step by step guide to building your own homemade hydroponic system. Its a very straightforward clip and a very good start up system for anyone contemplating starting or … [Read more...]

Super Modified Hydroponic Raft Exposed


Ever wonder what our Super Modified Raft System looks like on the inside? You've never seen a cleaner hydroponic flood table than this. Learn more at   … [Read more...]

Hydroponics | How To Build A Top Drip Hydroponics Homemade System


Most people that first get started with hydroponics start with a Top Drip hydroponics homemade system since its the most basic of all hydroponics systems. In this video, Matt Geschke shows you how … [Read more...]

Hydroponics | How To Build a Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System


Thinking of building a deep water culture hydroponics system. Here's how Matt Geschke shows you how to build a homemade DWC hydroponics system, also known as a deep water culture hydroponics system … [Read more...]

Hydroponics | How To Build A Flood & Drain Hydroponic System


Here's a simple video guide on how to build a simple flood and drain hydroponic system Matt Geschke in this series explains how to go about building a flood & drain hydroponic … [Read more...]

Hydroponics – How To Build An Aeroponic System


The aeroponics system is an advanced system of hydroponics. If you are however thinking of building your own aeroponics system for your hydroponic garden, here is a video that covers how to make a … [Read more...]

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