Commercial Hydroponics



Commercial Hydroponic Systems –

All commercial systems are active, in that some form of pump or feeding device is used to deliver fresh nutrient solution to the plants in an ongoing basis.

These hydroponic systems are more productive and are therefore more suitable for commercial hydroponic farming.

Of the active hydroponic systems available they break down into either re-circulating or run to waste;

In a Recirculating hydroponic Drip System, overflow of the nutrients will be collected back into the reservoir for reuse.

The run to waste hydroponic System does not collect the excess of nutrient solution.

Run to waste hydroponic farming systems are becoming less popular as environmental concerns and legislation restricts, or even prohibits, nutrient run off.

However, if the run off can be managed to obtain a zero figure, these hydroponic farming systems still have their place.

Re-circulating systems typically use one tenth of the water, a fraction of the minerals and takes up from one third to one tenth the space consumed in traditional agriculture.

You will find below some more information on commercial hydroponic systems


Top 5 commercial hydroponic farming systems – Discover some of the common hydroponic systems for commercial hydroponic farming. Increase your hydroponic garden yield and quality without spending a fortune.

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