Aeroponics Hydroponic System


aeroponic system - hydroponic farming tips



Aeroponics is a system where often no media is present at all and the roots of the plants are sprayed and misted with the nutrient solution in a chamber or other suitable space.

The mist has to be of a certain size (5 micron max) to maximise growth and the delivery of the mist is a problem in its own right.

Blockages do tend to occur and high-pressure pumps are often needed for this system, which in a way makes Aeroponics less suitable for commercial production.

However, Hydroponic Aeroponic systems are being used extensively for research positions and in some ‘niche’ applications.

The lack of any media in Aeroponics and the subsequent lack of buffering can be problematic, but Aeroponic is a fantastic system when clean, fresh roots are needed!

Here is a brief clip of what a Aeroponics hydroponics system looks like





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