Hydroponic Raft System


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Hydroponic Raft Systems involves floating the plants that are being grown on top of the nutrient tank.

The roots dangle in the nutrient and take up feed as needed.

A large amount of water is generally needed for such systems and the need to oxygenate the solution is paramount.

It would be easy to ‘drown’ the plants if the oxygenation system failed.

Hydroponic Raft systems are generally regarded as a bit outdated, but do have their place in certain circumstances.

Hydroponic Raft Systems are often cheap to construct and can be run without the use of nutrient pumps as long as oxygen is supplied to the system in suitable quantities.





Shallow Water Culture




 Are There Any Concerns About Using The Hydroponics Raft System?

Some concerns exist over the use of re-circulating systems and the potential danger of spreading disease throughout the system if it manifests itself.

However,this danger can be greatly reduced and even eliminated through the use of nutrient sterilisation, strict cleanliness regimes or beneficial bacteria being used.


How To build Your Own Homemade Hydroponics Raft System


A guide To Building your own hydroponic Raft system plus FREE guide to download . Click here to view

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